Farmville Laundry Line

1102 South Main Street
Farmville VA, 23901

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have allergies and will need my clothes washed with special detergent  and dryer sheets. How will Farmville Laundry Line acomodate me?

A. Yes, we will wash your laundry with any detergent and dryer sheets that you provide We will also notify you when those supplies are low.

Q What happens if my clothes weigh more than my contracted amount? 

A. We will wash as normal, if your clothes are more than one pound over  your contracted weight we will charge an overage fee of $1.65/lb.

Q My laundry bag is torn. Will you still wash my laundry?

A. We will wash your clothes, but you will be charged $25 for a new bag.

Q I play a lot of sports so sometimes I get grass stains and dirt on my laundry. How do I get the stains out?

A. We try to spray all stains with a stain remover before washing. We offer a bleach service, for $1.50 per load. All items you want bleached must  be placed in a disposable plastic bag within your regular laundry bag  along with a bleach slip.

Q I prefer that my shirts are dry-cleaned. How can I get my clothes dry-cleaned?

A. For a small fee we will also take your clothes to the dry-cleaners. We will pick up and return your clothes all together following the regular schedule.

Q Does Farmville Laundry Line have a privacy policy?

A. Yes, it can be found

Q. How much is 15 lbs?

A. 4 T-Shirts, 6-Pairs of Underwear, 6-Pairs of Socks, 2-Pairs of Jeans, 1-Pair of Shorts, 1-Pair of Khakis, 2-Dress-Shirts, 2-Towels, 1-Set-Of-SheetsHow much is 15 lbs

Q. How much is 20 lbs?

A. 6- T-Shirts, 7-Pairs of Underwear, 6-Pairs of Socks, 3-Pairs of Jeans, 1-Pair of Shorts, 2-Pair of Khakis, 2-Dress-Shirts, 2-Towels, 2-Set-Of-Sheets