Farmville Laundry Line

1102 South Main Street
Farmville VA, 23901

Hotel Guests!
Laundry By The Pound is a delivery service that is available to anyone staying at the following locations in Farmville Virginia:

Laundry By The Pound is also available for anyone wishing to bring and pick-up their laundry to our offices at 1102 South Main Street, Farmville, VA.

Laundry By The Pound service starts at $1.50/lb. Same day service is $1.75/lb with pick-up by 10am and delivery by 7pm. Two-day service is $1.50/lb with pick-up by 1pm and delivery on the second-day by  7pm.

All Laundry By The Pound services must be paid for when Laundry is delivered. All laundry is weighed pre-wash and all partial pounds are rounded up. Need it in a RUSH? RUSH Service is available for $2.40 /lb and laundry is returned in 4 hours.